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A strong, healthy future for Snohomish County

Jared Mead is seeking re-election for a full, four-year term on the Snohomish County Council.

Mead, a Democrat, represents District 4, which includes Mill Creek, Bothell, Mountlake Terrace and Brier. The former state legislator and Mill Creek City Councilmember is a lifelong resident of South Snohomish County. He was appointed to the County Council in early 2020. Mead won a four-person primary and voters chose to retain him for another year with about 66% of the general election vote.


“I am grateful to Snohomish County voters who allow me to continue the meaningful, tough work we are doing to support our economic recovery, keep our families safe through the end of the pandemic, and bring equity and accountability to our law and justice system,” Mead said. “Snohomish County faces longstanding issues around housing affordability, transportation, public safety and our climate that have only been exacerbated by recent global, national and local events. Now it is time to lean in and make change that will support and protect all Snohomish County families.”

"I am proud to serve my community on the Snohomish County Council. We are living through a transformational period. As Councilmember, I will intentionally elevate voices of those who have historically been left out as we address so many modern challenges.​ If one thing has been highlighted in recent events, it is that this system does not work for everyone. And a system that does not work for everyone, works for no one. We must rise to this moment by making bold policy decisions that confront the status quo.

"That means prioritizing pandemic response, climate change, racial justice, community policing, and ensuring Snohomish County’s economy is resilient and stable as our community grows.

"The County Council must focus on our growth, including transit-oriented development that will improve traffic and reduce pollution in our community, and managing growth so our government agencies can operate cost-effectively to keep taxes low."


In 2020, as Chair of the Law and Justice/Human Services Committee, Mead drove the establishment of a Law and Justice Council made up of Snohomish County residents who represent historically marginalized, underrepresented and underserved communities. He also strongly advocates policies that will create ample housing supply in all price ranges. “We can’t just keep zoning single-family,” Mead said. “Increasing housing supply and accessibility will support a more environmentally-friendly transportation system and re-invigorate local businesses that need more customers.”

Learn more about Jared, endorse him now or make a donation to his campaign for re-election to the Snohomish County Council.

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